Elizabeth D. -Yelp

 This place is amazing!  Thanks to a fellow yelper, I stopped by to get a quote for a framing project. I wanted some wallpaper framed. This place is amazing. Their service is unbelievable and the prices are great!  Way better price and quality of framing then those places with coupons. Trust me.
When I came in to pick up the finished project I wanted to squeal with's that beautiful. Yes, I was actually weak in the knees. Secretly I wanted to hug the guy for making my wallpaper dreams come true, but I didn't think it would be appropriate.

Now...into the details:

I like really really simple frames, and it never fails every time I go to get something framed I get all sorts of pressure to do a bigger more gaudy frame. Ugh. Not here, Leisha pulled simple frames. We discussed options, etc.  she gave me a quote and didn't pressure me into making a decision. A week or so later I stopped in with my wallpaper and said please frame this. I dealt with the owner. He wrote up the order and it was a tad less then what I was quoted. I double checked and he said, nope...this is the price. Ummm, yes please! Ring me up!
Then we discussed an upcoming project I have in mind. He patiently discussed options.  I explained my budget and what I like and don't like. He asked all sorts of questions about how I wanted to hang the art, and reminded me of some things I had forgotten. Then said: well, when you're ready lets us know. We would love your business.
You got it!  This is my new framing store!  

Holly A. -Yelp

 These people do exquisite work. I've had plenty of artwork framed and matted, and typically my response when I see the final product is, "Oh, that looks nice. That's good. I like that."

But when the owner brought my pieces out to show me, I gasped in surprise and blurted, "Oh my god!  That is so beautiful! It's perfect! It's perfect!"

I'm so delighted with all four pieces Matage did for me. They helped me find the perfect frame for an original (and reasonably valuable) oil painting, and the perfect frame and mat for a print. The pieces look absolutely lovely hanging in my home.

Matage also cleaned up a pair of vintage prints I'd found in a thrift store. They're really fun, but the frames were damaged on both and the glass on one print was broken. Matage gave them a new life and for far less than I expected to pay.

I've had family in Mesa for years but have only recently relocated here myself. To find Matage, I just went online and looked for an independent frame shop. I'm so glad I came here instead of going to some corporate chain. Matage took the time to help me make the best choices to show off my artwork, and the quality of their work is just superb. 

Erin R. - Yelp

 I started at Michael's. I have 3, 76 year old maps (odd sized) that I wanted to have framed. I knew, that this wouldn't be cheap. Michael's told me it would cost over $350 for each map to be framed (nothing special BTW) and that was with their "discounts". Not impressed with my quote I decided to shop around.
I went into Matage. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. They listened to what I wanted and patiently worked with me while I went through frame samples. Framing with 99% UV protection glass came to under $200/map. A week later (framing materials had to be shipped in) my map was done and absolutely gorgeous. I dropped off my other 2 maps to be framed as well.
Support a local business. 

Jason C. - Yelp

 I needed a place to frame my wedding vows that I hand wrote for my wife for our one year anniversary. I found Matage on Yelp, and because of the positive reviews, I chose them for the job. It was out of my way but I dropped in anyway. I needed the job done quickly (1 week) and they said they could help. I picked out a pre made frame that was perfect for what I needed. They did a fantastic job with the matting and the project turned out absolutely perfect. They even finished the job 3 days earlier than promised. I was also pleasantly surprised with the cost vs. the quality workmanship. I expected to pay much more. I'll be returning for all my framing needs. Nice work Matage! Oh, and I am in no way affiliated with this business. I just believe in recognizing quality work and a business not looking to rip off their customers. 

Sam L. - Google

 Came here unsure of what the prices would be like and the guy working here was very helpful. He walked me through the choices and processes involved with getting my project framed. The price was very fair and the work was completed on time. The project turned out great and I am very happy with what I got. I would not hesitate to return here for future framing projects. 

Megan J. - Yelp

 The people there are so nice and friendly the prices are reasonable too great small business great customer service.  They did a great job re-doing my great  grandmothers mirror.  They were prompt with follow up.  I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone for any of their framing needs!