Custom framing by Rob Brinton

How much does custom framing cost?


There are many factors involved in determining the cost of any given framing project; because it is custom, each piece is priced based on the mats, mouldings, glass, and other materials selected. The best way for you to determine cost is to bring you artwork in for a free, no obligation estimate. We can show you the many different options and price ranges and let you be the judge. No appointment is necessary and we can save your design idea until you are ready to proceed with the order. We strive to provide the fairest prices and will work within your budget at any level.


How will framing help to protect and preserve?


We use only the finest quality framing products and conservation practices when framing your artwork. All of our mat board selection is made of preservation quality materials. We offer several types of glass and acrylic that have a UV coating on them to help protect your artwork from harmful UV rays.


How should I display my framed art?


How and where your art is displayed will have a direct effect on its longevity. Environmental elements - light, humidity, temperature, and even pollution - can affect your artwork. You may want to discuss with your framer where your art will be hung so that any special considerations that need to be taken into affect in the framing process will be employed. When possible, avoid hanging artwork in direct sun light or in areas that experience drastic temperature or humidity changes.


How do I clean the glass on my artwork?


Ammonia free cleaner is recommended for all picture framing glass. Always spray the glass cleaner on a soft cleaning cloth, NOT THE GLASS. When cleaner is sprayed directly on the glass, it tends to run down the surface and seep under the lip of the frame at the bottom, which can cause the cleaner to soak into the mats, backing and artwork and cause damage!


What is the advantage of "custom framing"?


Custom framing will outlast almost any other home décor purchase you can make. Framed art can last forever and be passed down from one generation to the next. When you custom frame a piece of art you own something truly unique, something that was designed just for you and your family and can stay in your family forever, longer than any sofa, or desk, or electronic equipment.


What determines the glass I should use?


Your custom framer should help you select the right glass for your project. The very fact that you are having this item framed denotes its value to you. The best choice for any framed item is to use glass featuring TruGuard ® UV Protection.


What is Conservation Glass?


Conservation quality glass has been coated with a special film that blocks 98% of harmful UV rays, thus protecting your art from discoloration and fading.


How long does it take to have something framed?


Most orders are completed in approximately 10 days, however we are more than willing to meet your deadlines when ever possible


Matáge Custom Framing is a proud user of the following quality framing materials:



Concerto by Larson Juhl

Roma Moulding


Nurre Caxton



Fotiou Frames

In Line Ovals

Nielsen Bainbridge


TruVue Conservation Glazing

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